Greatest Lighting Tip Ever!!! (if you keep multiple Chams)

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  1. SoCaliSon

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    I seem to be full of these today!:) I know several people already use this method... But thought I would put it out there in case it could help someone out.

    This is one that would help anyone who keeps several cages in a row (with visual barriers of course). This can save you some serious Dough!

    Say you have 2, 4'x2'x2' cages side by side. For UV lighting most would think to use the 24" UV fixture for the 4x2x2 cage with a Reptisun 5.0 for each cage. Using this method you spend:

    $26.99 for 24" Fixture with
    $13.99 for 18" Reptisun 5.0

    X 2 for both cages = $81.96 before sales tax.
    with around $30 every six months to replace both the lights.


    In case you haven't noticed when buying your UV bulbs... It doesn't matter what size 5.0 you buy, 12", 18", 48" they are the same price... Well.. wouldn't it be nice to change one $14 bulb every six months than 2? Buy one Fluorecent shop fixture that runs the length you need, in this case 4'. These are cheap... I think i remember seeing some at Lowes for around $10 bucks or so... No Joke... But I couldn't find it on their website... But this is from another site...

    $16.85 for one 4', 2 bulb, Fluorecent Fixture
    $13.99 for one 4', Reptisun 5.0

    This will effectively light both cages, or any cages under the 4 foot area under the fixture. And you even have a spot for a cheap plant grow light in the fixture as well.

    $30.84 for entire lighting setup with only a $14 dollar replacement cost for the fixture every 6 months.

    Using this method you can successfully cut your original investment on lights IN HALF, and cut your BiYealry Light Replacement bill in Half or More!

    Hope that was helpfull,

  2. Great tip Joe!
    I'm actually using one 48" bulb over 3 cages.
    2 of them are 18x18x36 and one is a 16x16x30
    The hood was 8.50
    The plant light was 9.00
    The Retptisun was 13.00

    After talking with Vegas Chad I found out that Tyler Stewarts cages are built with funny dimentions, so the Lowes/Home Depot 48" hoods would fit over multiple cages correct.

    It's the way to go and a great deal!

  3. ChromaChameleons

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    Just like Justin , I use 48" bulbs to light several cages. I use one 48" to light 3 24x24x36' cages

    No where does it say you need to span the whole cage with UVB.
  4. SoCaliSon

    SoCaliSon New Member

    Your right... I have had setups without the who cage spanned without any problems... What I use as my rule of thumb is I always want at least 12" of 5.0 bulb over each cage... Reason being 12" is the smallest UV bulb you could buy for a cage that would work for a Cham, and I wouldn't feel comfortable offering anything less than that.

    Nice Looking Setup Justin!
  5. Dankmeleon

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