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well ive been noticing the skin on the back on stueys crest, or wutever u call the thing on his head i think i got it right:D

ive been noticing the skin on the back of his crest is a gray creamy color. he doesnt like me touching it, or his head so i left him alone. im going to try and get pics. and behind it (like inside the crest) is light brown, tanish.

i think ive seen this before on other pics on this site and im probobly just really...hmmmm, i forgot the word. any way, he doesnt seem hurt, he acts normal. just wondering
Post pics, but it sounds like it could possibly be a burn. Or could be getting ready to shed. Hard to say without pics.
ok, im at my dads house this week and he has best comp and camera, so ill take pics now
here are pics, sorry the last pic is so blury my camera isnt that great


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ok good....i thought i was getting pretty over protective, he is my first cham after all and so i havnt seen that before. thanks
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