Or just puffed up?

She was sitting in the plant pot the last two days so I swapped the pot for a laying bin. Looks a bit bigger than she was, but still eating and not roaming.

Your thoughts?



I say gravid as well. From what I have read about them (was interested in getting them at one time), they might need a few different bins, and may want/need different material in each (dirt in one, sand in other). Is this from a captive breeding, or she came in gravid?

I agreed with the world, she is gravid. Does she have a problem with her back? It looks like a strange spot.
I've set up a 5L bin with playsand. I don't really have room for another. If she starts roaming more, and not eating, but is not using it, I'll try other substrates.

About some of the other questions:

I don't know if she came in gravid or mated at the reptile store where she was housed with the male.

I don't see a problem with her back at this time, I just think her scales were changing from dorsal to caudel at that point. But it could be a healed scrape too.

I don't think I need to palpate now, she looks huge.
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