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Ok I have a pair of montane quadricorns and today I noticed the male come up to the female and bob his head and she turned all black and shook her head "no" lol...... so I'm guessing that she is gravid. Now I know I need to watch her and when she starts digging, put her in a container so she can dig a hole and lay her eggs. When I used to have bearded dragons, I used to use wet regular playsand for them to lay. Could I use this now or would I be better off using moist bed-a-beast or such? Also, does anyone know how long the eggs take to incubate? Are the babies big enough when they hatch, to eat baby mealworms and baby roaches or do they need fruit flies? thanks
I always provide a container of washed playsand in the cages of egglaying females at all times so that they have a place to start to dig to show you that they are ready to lay the eggs. It avoids the possibility of eggbinding due to not having a place to dig.

They take about 4 to 5 months to hatch depending on the temperature if I remember correctly.

I would recommend feeding the babies pinhead crickets and fruit flies to start off with.
thanks for the reply... my enclosure that i keep them in, has bed-a-beast for a substrate so she has somewhere to dig prier to being put in a "laying" enclosure.
I don't use a substrate in an arboreal chameleon's cage..their sticky tongues can pick some up and I worry about impaction.

I use a certain type of washed playsand that has proven to cause no infections if it gets in their eyes of mouths and if ingested (as some chameleons eat soil, sand, etc.) it goes right through them. Its produced by King's and it comes in a white bag with red, blue and yellow sandbox toys shown on the front.
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