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hi i was just wondering if it was normal for her to sleep more than usual during the day, cause now she gravid i see her taking some naps , is this normal or not ? thanks
i would guess thats not good at all. if shes gravid she should be moving around alot looking restless, and digging test holes or laying holes. a sign of sleeping would be a sign of dehydration, defficiency, egg bound.

i would bring her to a good reptile vet asap.
she aint showing gravid signs really but she is showing baby blue and yellow and her and my male mated the Sat before christmas, many times do they got to mate before u know if she is gravid?
they baby blue can come and go, and can also mean receptive. she may not even be gravid at all then. do you weigh her regularaly and keep track? despite wether or not she is gravid, you need to get her to a vet asap. if she is taking "naps" and is lethargic. she deffinately has a defficiency and illness of somesort. are you sure she just isnt shutting her eyes due to perhaps light problems?

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so ur saying even though they mated twice she may not be gravid at all?? even wit infertile clutch?
im not sure if she would be showing gravid signs if they only mated the saturday before christmas. she is obviously going to become gravid, but at this point i doubt any signs will be showing. i could be wrong, but i believe gestation is around 35ish days. please correct me if im wrong someone.
Its not natural for them to nap when gravid.

They only have to mate once to become gravid. Once she is gravid she should take on a dark background color with the bright blue spots and yellowish splotches and reject the male. If she did this then she is non-receptive/gravid. Whether the whole clutch she will produce is fertile or not will depend on when she was mated in her cycle (which none of us can be sure of without doing hormone tests).
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