gravid or just fat?


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Here is a pic of cameal, she seems to have gotten a little fat.

Here is a pic of her outside the other day

I got her from petsmart on july 2, so its been a little over a month since i've had and since then she has shedded 3 times and more than doubled in size :eek:. She eats like there is no tomorrow, and never turns down food
she does look a little round lol.. i have a female veiled who seems to be bigger at times sometimes then a day later..seems to be smaller.. she looks a bit younger than yours though but i wonder the same thing lol so i have a bin in her cage as a just in case..did you check out the sheets on breeding and female care? hopefully one of the experienced people will chime in a give their thoughts
i did but shes really young and when i got her she was tiny so she cant be more than 3 or 4 months old, i might be over feeding her, she eats like dozen medium size crickets a feeding and i feed her twice a day
Wow mine is 4-5 mths lol I swear mine is a garbage disposal lol shell eat all day if I fed her constantly lol im sure you done tons of searching for it if I find something on it I'll let you know. Have you used the search feature on here? Its a keyword search so try female veiled and see what you get, it'll pull up every thread about a female veiled. Might be a bit of searching threads but something will turn up. I'll search when I get off work and see if I can turn something up for you
mine unknowingly came pregnant from petsmart

I have two female jackson's that gave birth 6 months after being home. if you have never mated her, check your eggs before discarding them. i just had 30+ little chams running around last week from 2 litters. never assume the previous owner didn't mate her or her coming from a community cage.
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