Gravid colors?


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5-6mon old female. Do these look like gravid colors? I am leaving soon and want to tell her care giver if I think she might get eggs. Lay bin is present regardless. Thanks


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I’ll try and get a photo next time. I try not to ever disturb her. She’s had a hard life so I just try and give her the peace and quiet she enjoys
Totally understand and what a great mom you are taking such good care of her. I think the female veileds are so amazing between their receptive and gravid colors.


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Does this Gravid coloration look normal for eggs laying prep?


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Does this Gravid coloration look normal for eggs laying prep?

Yes. Its recommended to always have a laying bin present when the female is 5-6 months of age. Judging by color is not always 100% accurate to tell if they are or are not gravid so its best to be ready in case there are no visual indicators.


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so what happens, or what do i do, after she lays the eggs? there is no male, she wont be having babies....what are the proper steps?


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When you notice her starting to roam the bottom and lay bin, do not disturb her. Check in every so often but when you start to see her digging she needs privacy for a couple days. If she is disturbed at all she will abandon the hole she was laying in and may not go back which could cause her to become eggbound.

When she is no longer going down to the bin for a day or two, you can remove the bin and dispose of the eggs.
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