Grape vines, apple trees? Ivy?


I am currently in the set up stage, its probably going to last the next few months, haha but excited anyways.

I would like to have grape vines, or ivy, or something climbing up the back and/or sides of the enclosure, I recall that grape leaves were safe for iguanas, so I am thinking they would probably be fine. As I'm getting a baby/juvie at the end of may, the vines should have 6 or so months to get a start on it, anybody have any comments or thoughts? Also I think some kinds of ivy are safe, does anyone have pics of safe ones? Our walmart (currently the only possible place for plants) just sells them all as tropicals. But with the proper name I can do a search and get er figured, for sure.

I was also thinking nasturtiums would be nice, but I'm not sure how hardy/long lasting they would be.

Also, I am having a hard time finding a tall tree-like ficus or other plant, as a sort of "main" or centerpiece going the height of the cage. It would, however, be easy to put a small apple tree in there, any ideas or thoughts on this? Something different anyways. Or a cherry tree...???



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I've used branches pruned from apples trees. Cant think of any reason why a live dwarf apple tree couldnt be used. Assuming you have the space and sufficient light. The only think Id wonder about is the apples need to have a dormant period.

I use pothos a lot, its a vine type plant - similar to ivy.
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