Graceful Chameleon

So i got a Graceful Chameleon about a week ago and he is starting to make me nervous. He always drinks the water when i mist the plants in his enclosure but ignores all crickets. He looks at them but never tries to eat them. He has a 60W light bulb for heat and a ESU reptile uvb 7% bulb. right now it is in a 29 gallon tank and he is about 4 inches long. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to get him to start eating?
As you probably know from reading some of the existing threads on this forum, a tank is not the best enclosure for your chameleon.
These animals need a medium sized screen enclosure in a quiet place in your home.
This provides for the ventilation required and helps in creating a temperature gradient. A glass enclosure can get too hot and the air within tends to be stagnant.
Is your cham wild caught? Often these chameleon are imported and come here rather dehydrated so the fact that he is drinking well is good.
As far as getting him to eat...try a waxworm or,if you can get some, mantids or stick insects. Be careful with waxworms though as they are very high in fat and not a good staple food. Put one in with the crickets and see if that starts something.

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Have you removed the plastic from the "slimline"?

The plastic/glass will block 99.9% of UVb.
yeah i took the plastic off the light fixture. im not one hundred percent sure but im guessing its wild caught. the 29 gallon tank is just a temporary home i have one of those screen cages i just need to make room for it somewhere.
Is it pooping? Do you have a substrate in the cage? Did it have a substrate in the cage where you bought it?

What size crickets are you offering it? You said its about 4" long....nose to tail tip?

What is the temperature in the basking area? Ambient temperature?

Do you have any live plants in the cage?

Post photos of your critter and his enclosure. The more detailed the photos the better.

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Humidity - What are your humidity levels? How are you creating and maintaining these levels?
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