Got My new Little guy Yesterday

Frank Castle

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Hey ALL.

I just got my new little guy yesterday. It is a CB Male Veiled Chameleon. His name is Rascal. He is about 4 months old. The setup I have for him is a Home made 2'x2'x4' cage, It is screened on three sides, has internal Lighting on timers (One Night Light 75 watt, One Basking 100 watt, and one Florecent 7% uvb light). Drip system (Just the bottle with the valve on it), and two Ficus trees. I have varius vines as "Chameleon Highways" Through the cage. The Basking Light area is about 95*F. the cool side is about 75*F. Humidity is 62% right now. I will try and get pictures of it as soon as I can.

:eek: The one question I have is: What type of fogger/sprinkler/drip systems are there that I can put on an Automatic timer also?

I got him home yesterday as fast a I could to prevent the stress from the whole ordeal. I put about a dozen small crickets (Dusted of course with 2:1 calcium/phosperus) in the cage and saw him eat about 6 of them while I was watching. He also snagged some drips of water out of thin air off a leaf (that was pretty cool by the way). His limbs are all straight, and I didnt see any mucus or anything like that in his mouth when I looked at him. Overal from what I can tell he is pretty healthy. His Eyes are open and clear.

Just wanted to give you guys an over view of what I am doing and what I have for my set up to get any recomendations. This is my first cham, and I want to do it right the first time. Thanks for your time

Congrats on the new one. Lose the night light though, a temperature drop at dawn is the proper call.
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