Got a new veiled chameleon last night! First time!

Hey everyone. I just bought a veiled chameleon and so far he is doing very well. What improvements can I make and do they turn dark colors when they are hunting their crickets or no?

I do have running water going down the stump but I have not seen him drink it yet. Thanks!


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Quick thing you might invest in you don't have to for a while, chams like space vertical not horizontal they like to climb up and be high because there Aria creatures Can You please fill out this form to make sure you have proper husbandry? because you got you cham yesterday you don't have to answer all of them but please answer most of them

Chameleon Info:

  • Your Chameleon - 5-7 months old; Veiled Chameleon; Male; Has been in my care for 2 days.

  • Handling - I have not really handled my cham that much the past two days but I have had him out and he seemed to be very happy when he could walk on me

  • Feeding - I am feeding my cham crickets; Four a day; I feed him in the morning when I get up for school; I am feeding the crickets carrots

  • Supplements - I am currently not using any calcium, but I have looked into purchasing supplements.

  • Watering - I have a tube that is disposing the water onto a stump in my terrarium and is flowing down the side; I mist probably 3 times a day for around 45 seconds; I have not seen my cham drinking water

  • Fecal Description - N/A

  • History - He was at a pet store where he was bring put with another cham and only fed 3 crickets a day between the two

Cage Info:

  • Cage Type - 4 side glass and a screen roof; 12x18x15

  • Lighting - Not for sure the brand but I bought a kit with two lights; I keep it on during the day and turn it off around 11 at night.

  • Temperature - Not for sure; I have not bought a thermometer, but I am about to purchase one.

  • Humidity - Same for temperature; have not bought the proper tools to measure

  • Plants - I am not using live plants

  • Placement -My cage is on my dresser; it is probably 4 feet off the ground and not near air vents

  • Location - Eastern Tennessee

Current Problem - The only problem I am having is that I have yet to see my chameleon drink; however, he is normally bright colors when I wake him, so I think that he is drinking while I am gone. Another thing is that he turned very dark when I throw the crickets in his terrarium. Is this normal and if not, do I need to try a different technique?


ok thanks, Your gonna need to get on your supplements; Calcium without D3 almost everyday, cal with D3 twice a month, and multi-vitamin once a week. Also you might want bump it up to around 10 crickets a day. And as a suggestion try not to handle him for about a week let him settle in. And here is a thermometer and a humidity checker that works really well; and yes you will want to buy more fake plants and maybe some alive you will need to have more hide area so when he's stressed he can hide


Well veily chams are know for eating substrate so if you can go bare bottom and use newspaper to adds in the mail for a bottom plus they make easy clean it's a Win-win


Maybe a dripper, or a misting I would start out with a dripper, but you would need something to hold the water on the bottom otherwise it will get all over your cage. also you would need a bigger plant that get's dripped on( it can be fake) But if your fine misting by hand and you have your tube thing. I mist by hand and He's fine with it, you just gotta make sure it's wet so he can drink if you feel like he's getting enough water and he's not acting weird then your fine but in the future when you get a bigger cage I would suggest getting a nice mister.
get the vertical cage he needs quick as ya can
I know that he needs one; however, I purchased the largest one I could find at the pet store I was at. What will happen if I wait to get a vertical terrarium until after christmas?? This is when I will get my money because I am not working because I am in high school.
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