Good Temp for baby veiled?


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i have recently set up my cage for my baby veiled (haven't gotten him yet waiting to make sure everything is perfect for em) and am wondering what a good temp and basking spot should be....from what i have read it seems that babies do not need a 90+ degree basking spot and i am just wanting some clarification from people who have owned baby chams in the past.
will pst a pic of the cage soon just have to get around to it
Any input would be welcome
the cage is an ExoTerra 18x18xx24 and will only be a temp cage till he gets a bit bigger (i work at petland and got it pretty much free cuz it was damaged and i just ghetto rigged it back to almost perfect condition)


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Well not sure if this will work but i think i got my pic attached its the cage for the my future baby veiled



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Temps in the low to mid 70's and basking around 82 degrees. Would't got too much higher than that with a baby. Is that a fan in the bottom of the cage? The cage looks very nice.


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Yes that is a mister in the cage its a Monsoon RS400 a bit pricey but it will be worth it in the end and well yes that is a reflection on the cage of my fan in my room i have it running on a low setting 24/7 should help a bit with circulating air and his cage will always have atleast one door open as long as i am home to make sure he has plenty of fresh air. And the cage is in the corner of my room on my a dresser and by a window i have a digital therm and a normal therm in the cage so ill know the temps in there at all times.
and thank you for confirming that 80s are good for baby chams i had read that it was what was good for them but i prefer to be told by people who actually have had a cham than just something i read on internet...
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