Good, good, good, good vibrations...


Chameleon Queen
"Chapman’s pygmy chameleon also is known to produce a low frequency sound vibration, which is perceived as a ‘buzzing’ and is transmitted through the twigs and other substrates they sit on. These vibrations are used as a means of communicating with each other, particularly during courtship and territorial displays, and possibly also for startling predators.”

Veiled chameleons... pubs/1999 Cocroft Copeia.pdf
Other species have been known to do it too...
B. decaryi (E. Edwards)
B. thieli (E. Edwards; L. Horgan)
C. dilepis (K. Barnett)
C. Johnstoni (F. LeBerre)
C. melleri (A. Banks)
C. Oweni (F. LeBerre)
C. senegalensis (K. Barnett)
F. ousteleti (multiple ADCHAM list members)
F. pardalis (multiple ADCHAM list members)
R. brachyurus (J. Mease)
R. brevicaudatus (J. Mease)
R. kerstenii robecchii (E. Edwards; J. Mease)
R. uluguruensis (J. Mease)
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