Good burn cream?

Hi all, I think my chameleon has a small thermal burn on her casque. I have a picture from a few weeks ago where you can sort of see the beginnings of it, since then it has grown a bit in width and decreased in length, and is more brown color. A rough estimate would be 25mm along the casque and probably 3-5mm wide. The reason I didn’t do anything sooner is because I thought it might just be a weird looking shed or a part of her piebald-ness, and I had just taken her to the vet that day (for something else) and they said she was fine overall (they actually told me to RAISE temperatures to high 80s and low 90s, which I couldn’t do because it is too cold to sustain that in my house right now). I can’t give more good pictures because she has been a little camera shy lately but it is like a brown blotch on her head. It seems small enough and it’s not causing her any visible pain, discomfort, and she hasn’t changed her behavior at all. I was using too powerful of a lamp which is how I think she got it in the first place and I fully recognize that mistake and I am going tomorrow to get her a better bulb that will be safe while still providing the temps she needs. All this to say, I have gone back through the forums and seen that manuka honey is good for burns, and I found this cream (screenshot below) available at a local petsmart that I could pick up right away tomorrow. Would this be proper to use on her for a thermal burn? Again, I have gone through a lot of the threads on burns and all the pictures seem to match the little splotch she has. I am still learning at all this and I really just want to make sure I get the right medicine to use and to have if I ever need it in the future.
Ok, most of the exotics vets in my area are booked up until mid-January, so I will go for the honey cream for now and if the problem persists Ill go in to the ER. I would like to avoid another ER visit because last time I had to wait a while and it really stressed my cham out to be in her carrier for so long.
What's her carrier like? Can you post a photo of it please?
it is a small mesh dog carrier. I put a dark towel over it when she is inside to try to minimize her stress but you can tell she does not enjoy being moved out of her territory haha.


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