Good basking temp. for baby veiled chameleon?


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I have his basking temp at about 82-85 and 77 down below. At night it gets to be around 74-76. Are these good temps for a baby veiled chameleon? P.S. I think he is about 3-4 months old.
ok. I keep the humidity around 65-70%. He also eats like crazy, he ate 7 silkworms and 8 crickets today!
Wait what? Hes eating 20 to 30 crickets in one day? Woa, thats a lot. Wax worms are like the Snickers bar of the insect world. They are good and fatty, but too many are not keeping a healthy diet. I have not had experience with a cham eating 30 crickets in a day...were they tiny crickets? Any ways, at 3 or 4 months my veiled usually ate around 8 to 12 tops. Humidity sounds good.
yep 30. There small to medium sized, but, some days he only eats about 6 and then the next day is when he eats a lot. I gave him a lot of wax worms today because he was a little too skinny so i just got him a little more chubby and he looks great.
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