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I recently bought a Hanging plant for my chameleon, it is called golden child Ivy. The place I bought it from told me it was non-toxic to dogs and cats so they assumed it was probably nontoxic for chameleons too. I was just wanting to be sure is it safe for chameleons, should I switch it out for a Swedish ivy (which I know for a fact is non-toxic)?


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Do you have a veiled that’ll try to eat it, or another type of chameleon? Not sure if it’s toxic or not, but if you have a veiled, better safe than sorry.


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Finding a lot of mixed reviews as to weather or not it’s safe so I’m going to refrain from answering right now. But better safe than sorry.

Respectfully, I see a few things in your viv that need correction. If your interested in fixing them please fill out the form below and we can walk you through it.

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I tried some researching but found nothing helpful about it in regards to chams either, sorry. If I were you, I'd switch it for the one that's known to be cham safe. Always better to be safe.

*Edit to second that you fill out the care sheet, the advice here is gold.
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