Going on "Vacation"


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Right now me and my family are moving across the country and my dad is taking care of him while I help my mom unpack everything until we get the supplies delivered to ship my chameleon to me. My dad is coming for 6 days for his birthday and to help us unpack. He could not get anybody to watch my 4 year old female cham. Is there any automatic mister that I can get that is not to expensive? Is it okay if she goes those 6 days without food? Is there anything that I should get my cham before my dad leaves?


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MistKing, but I would not leave your chameleon alone. The Mister could stop working or a number of other things could happen such as an injury or illness to your chameleon. Where do you live? There’s probably someone on here willing to help out.


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6 days would be a long time without water. They can take a day here and there IF they are doing well otherwise. The inexpensive misters arent very good. If there was even someone available to come in half way through to feed, spray and fill a dripper, you would probably be ok if she is currently well fed and hydrated... And your humidity is decent in the house.
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