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Hello everyone im going away for 8 days and i need to find a way to care for my cham. Does anyone know where i could go to have him taken care of or what i could do. My mom is staying home but shes afraid of touching crickets. is there a way that i could set it up so that she doesnt have to touch them at all and she would only have to put them in the cage. Thanks for the help.
toilet paper tubes, they go in and hide she only needs to shake the crickets out of them...
i alredy have them shes too terrified to even open the lid. She likes looking at the cham but gets nervous when the doors open. Thats why hes in my room. But i think the cup thing is a good idea cause all she would have to do is pour them in a feeder cup.
just make sure your feeder cup is near the front so she doesnt have to open the cage much or put her hand in very far
We have a housesitter who can't handle the bug thing or the cham for that matter so Kitty goes to a different babysitter.
Do you have a vet for your cham? Is there a tech there who would be interested in caring for it while you're away?
Vet techs are great pet babysitters!

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