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Well im going out of town for 5 days and I was wondering what you guys out there do when you go away...I have the option to take him with me but not sure how he would do in a hour and a half car ride. Also he is a 4 month old panther who has lived in a free range for the whole time I have had him. Not sure how he would do moving from a free range to a PVC zip up cage? Please some advice I don't want to kill my buddy..
Best not to take him with you. Find a reliable petsitter or friend to take care of him in your absence. Make sure you go over everything with them in detail and actually show them exactly what to do before you leave.
He might starve in 5 days?? He's looking to survive and uses alot of calories growing too.

You could try putting in a container in his enclosure with an opening to allow the crickets out. They'll return for food and I don't think would bother the chameleon. Those who don't get back inside soon enough will become lunch.
He's also gonna need his dusting but you could do that before and when u get home, a few days shouldn't matter.

How will you water though?
if you have someone to watch him I'd go that way, if not a hour and a half really isn't that long a drive.
I'd say find someone to take care of him... I am currently am away from my babies, have been for a week, and will be for the next 2 and a half. Luckily I have my bf back home caring for all of my critters and trust him enough to do so. I just make sure and keep in contact with him at all times, lol! IF you do decide to take him with you I don't think it would be a big deal. I brought Hugh to my moms during Christmas for a few days and it was a 5 hour drive. I buckled his small cage into the back seat and had him ride in his ficus. I think a small dark box with damp paper towels is a better idea though. Good luck!:D
when i have gone out and brought mine home i to also buckle their cage in i also get the heater running so it stays warm and turn the music way down try to make it peaceful for the little guy or you know see if you can find someone to watch him i know the reptile store here said they will baby site my critters for 20 a week per pet for feeding and all that other jazz too.
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