Godzilla the friendly ambilobe panther


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Hi, just wondering if anyone has had the same experience with a MALE panther chameleon.

I have had Godzilla since he was about 3 months old he is now about 5 months old.

He sits next to the glass in his tank waiting for people to go by, when someone does he claws at the glass wanting to come out.

If you open the tank he will run straight out onto your hand and climb about.

I have handled him since we got him about 2 months ago but he seems to be getting friendlier by the day. to the point where he is waiting for someone to get him out so he can mooch about on the couch etc.

His colours dont change when he comes out so dont think he is scared?


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Do you have Godzilla in an Exo Terra or is he in an aquarium?

He may not be getting friendly, he may be getting sick.

Could you post a few pictures of the setup and chameleon?


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does anyone know how to upload a photo?????

i have also just put up some information on the health clinic forum which may help.
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