Gnats and sticky clear stuff on ficus leaves in my enclosure!

I'd say the bugs killed your ficus, but it sounds very similar to what happened to mine, and I paid a good buck for it too. I kept the braided (corkscrew) trunks to use for branches, but I've yet to clean/prep them.

IIRC, we got it as soon as the weather got warm enough. It was a clearance holdover from the previous season, so the timing may be close to finding another. 🤞

OTOH, the Schefflera I've got in there has done nothing but grow and send out long branches—more than strong enough for OMG to climb on.

Good Better luck!
I think I killed my ficus tree! It’s lost a lot of leaves. The white flies are pretty much gone though. I guess this spring I’ll have to find Eustis a new ficus. I had three ficus trees years ago when I had my original Jackson’s and never had a problem with them loosing leaves and getting white flies. I’m kinda frustrated because this tree cost me 65.00! As soon as it gets warm enough outside I’m going to deep clean his cage and try to find a new ficus tree.
I would give it a bit of time and continued love. With stress I hear they will lose their leaves but will recover.
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