Ginormous hornworms


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Er, I mean, Goliath Hornworms. I ordered some of these for my juvenile chameleon and have been feeding him 1-2 of them a day. The ones he hasn't eaten yet are now about 3 inches long, and I feel like they are too big! What do I do with them now?! My daughter has been feeding them to her Bearded Dragon, but I don't think he is supposed to have them daily, more like an occasional treat...
I didn't realize they would multiply in size so quickly!
you can put them in some dirt and they will dig down and pupate. They will turn into moths in about 3 weeks. The moths are very large but not as large as the worms and their wings are a big part of their size but the wings are not really solid if you know what I mean. I still would not feed them to a juvenile but it is cool to see them turn into the moths. The moths can mate if you get a female and male but there is a process to all of that too.
Hmmm, I will have to do some research on that. It might be a fun thing to do with the kids, and then just release the moths?
I am not sure if you should release them or not. I don't think they have a very long lifespan anyways so I don't know if they would go out and reproduce and cause any harm to the ecosystem. I know they say never to release captive bred animals into the wild but I don't know if that would go for moths!!
Also, next time you buy them purchase horn worm eggs or small worms. You can put them in the refrigerator for a day or two at a time to slow their growth once they are approaching the appropriate size.
Horn Worms are mostly water and soft skinned, the Beardie can eat them, they are not just for occasional treats.
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