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have 16 month old panther female that has one egg in her . thats way bigger than a normal egg . I breed her these summer and know about for a month or two . I thought maybe she would laid it but nothing . lit me know if these has happened to you and how you dealt with it . and what happened afther that. thanks jeremy Elder
I would recommend that you take her to a vet. IMHO, the egg could rot inside her if it stays in there too long.
you can feel the egg on her side . and she was breed the end of summer , and they can hold sperm . and taking her to the vet . what could they do but cut it out . Ive heard to many bad stories about the vet . and they cant put it under anesthesia that easly it would fell every thing . and they don't do chams every day . and never met a vet thats seen a cham . there not that many vets that stuide for reptiles . if and one nose any one in portland OR area that knows reptiles . let me know .
Well, your other option is to do nothing, and have her end up like this:


By the time I realized that this female was retaining an egg, it was too late. She died in my hand moments after I found her with death colors on. I suggest you take your female in.
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Pretty deep Hieka, but very true. If you really care about you cham, you would look up vets that specialize in reptiles ASAP. Trust me I know from experience how it is to loose a pet and you don't want to end up feeling bad if you could of did something to help her.
#1 I can't imagine a pardalis producing only one egg. #2 All my chameleons that have retained sperm re-fertilized themselves almost immediately after laying the first clutch, not after 7 months. #3 Anesthetizing healthy chameleons is easy and done all the time.

You're in luck, there are at least 4 reptile vets in Portland.

Please let us know how she turns out and if there is one giant egg, would love to see a pic if you can get one.
have 16 month old panther female that has one egg in her thats way bigger than a normal egg ...
Howdy Jeremy,

Your description of "one egg" sounds like you might be feeling an intestional impaction. I ran across what sounds like the same situation with a friend's female panther. When I got the call, the panther was pacing the bottom of the enclosure. Her belly was hard. We setup a full egg laying environment. I told him that if she didn't start digging by the next day that an impaction was a definite possibility. Unfortunately the panther died the next day. I came back to his house and we did a necrospy. Her intestion looked more like half a roll of quarters than the normal diameter of a pencil. It was completely packed with partially digested insects with the consistency of clay. It wasn't going anywhere. An emergency vet procedure might have saved her if caught sooner. Oh, no sign of any eggs. Bottom line: think about a vet visit if she is still alive on Monday. Good luck.
Hieka, that pic hurts..:( looks exactly like what Leafy (our first brev...supposedly a male!) looked like. I'm still not positive it was the egg that killed her...but that looks like the results of my necropsy, too.
I'm going to make some calls on monday afther work to talk to a vet and bring her in . thanks for the feed back

Today is Saturday, most vets are open, personally I wouldn't wait. At the very least you could make an appt. for Monday. In Metro areas many vets have Sunday hours as well. Here are two more listings, there may be some overlap

As for having to put her under there is always a risk, but the alternative is clearly shown in Heika's photo. Let us know how you make out - I hope all turns out well...

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