Getting worms

Lil Yoshi

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Hi, I'n having some problems with finding everything for a good diet for my chameleon. So I was just wondering if there is anyone here from around Rochester NY and knows any good places....
If your talking feeders, you could always order some online. I order my crickets in bulk online. You can also order various types of worms online as well. I also just ordered a mantis ootheca (egg) (for about $4 shipped) that will hatch and give me around 100 praying mantids I can use as feeders for my chameleon. If your talking supplements you can get them online as well, and most local pet stores carry them as well. Check out the sponsors as well, they carry basically everything you may need. :)
Yeah I can't find a place where I can buy more than just crickets for my chameleon, i go some meal worms but i know that they shouldn't have them all the time. I was just hoping if there is anyone from around Rochester that knows where I can get other things that chameleons can eat. But i guess I will just have to look online. Thanks for you help.:)
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