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I seem to be having problems getting my humidity up high enough for Meller's. I have plants in the enclosure and have been misting four to five times a day. I have the humiditometer in the middle of the enclosure. It readys 60-70% not long after misting and drops to about 30-40% in between. I was thinking of placing reptile carpet at the bottom to help hold humidity. Not sure what else to try. Does placing a drip bottle at the top help with humidity?
A dripper will help some. I would not go the route of the reptile carpet as it might help with humidity it may cause mold and breed bacteria from getting wet. Best to leave the cage floor bare. You could try getting a humidifier in the room or some members wrap a couple of the sides of the cage with a shower curtain or saran wrap to try and hold humidity in. You are in a very cold dry climate in ohio (I used to live in Chicago) and it is tough to keep the humidity in the house.
I was worried about putting the reptile carpet in there. The shower curtain idea is great, I am going to try that with a dripper. thanks.
Drip bottles or drippers are usually used for means of drinking "simulated raindrops" . They can add moisture in the air but not effectively. If you already have live plants you could add more or even get a small humidifier that puts out moisture close by in the room. I use a cool mist humidifier and pump sprayer several times throughout the day on all my cages and terrariums for humidity. Lots of keepers use automatic misters which you'll need proper drainage.Those are a few ideas and what works for me, there are many other ways you can help achieve desired humidity id imagine.

I use a sunbeam 1 gallon cool mist humidifier it was like $30 .
Because of the dry cold climate over here in winter, i use glass enclosures for my veiled and pardalis. Much better to hold humidity (75-80%), but you have to make sure that there is double ventilation. My verrucosus however is in a screen enclosure but I also wrapped two sides with plastic (sort of shower curtain).. Humidity in his cage is about 55-60%. But verrucosus can handle drought much better...

I got the advice from a Dutch experienced keeper and breeder of chameleons that a drier climate is not really a problem, as long as you make sure your animal has more drinking possibilities ;-).
U can also search old posts. There are others who ask same question. I wrapped mine with shower curtain on three sides. Also i got a small humidifier and attched a hose to it. It runs over the top of two cages with the end plugged and a hole over each cage to give humidity to each. I have ordered another off ebay for my other cage. I would recommend that over any other idea from my personal experience.
the general consensus is against waterfalls. bacteria, drowning, and so on

but aside from the waterfall, what about just the fogger unit suspended in a bottle of gatorade or some sort of plastic water/soda bottle just so that you get the fogging effect to assist with humidity levels...filled with water of course
We have a MistKing and are having a terrible time keeping our humidity up here in New Jersey. You're talking a mister that is going off at least 6 times a day for up to 2 minutes at a time along with mistings. We have sheething along 3 sides of each cage and we STILL can't keep our humidity up. Until we get our warmer weather, we're just going to struggle with the humidity. We're going to start giving all of our guys showers a few times a week if possible.
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