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Hello everyone!
This summer i am getting a new chameleon and i just want to hear some of your guy's prefrences. I have a jacksons and he is stubborn but i love the guy haha. I am debating between a veiled an ambilobe or an ambanja. I would like to be able to occasionally take him out of his terrarium and handle him, so which type do you think is genaerally the most friendly? (And i know no chameleon loves being held)
From what I've heard, panthers seem to be more friendly. I have a blue bar ambilobe male who walks right onto my hand when I go up to the cage. Veileds can also be very friendly, but sometimes as they get older, they become more aggressive. Best advice I can give you is to research whichever you feel is best for you. Ask lots of questions too. We planned for 6 months before getting ours and I was still completely overwhelmed when we finally got him. Good luck with everything :)
My veiled is the most tame of all things. He climbs all over me, has never hissed, fired up, gaped. He's an angel. That being said, I also love my panther but he's a bit stubborn, probably because he is still young though. Go with what your gut tells you!
Yes exactly what "king" said. From all the research and reading i have done about members and others it seems as though you have a better chance of getting a more friendly panther chameleon rather than a veiled. Now of course that doesn't mean you may not get an unfriendly panther either. also, same with veiled chameleons, it seems as though you have a higher chance of getting a grumpy veilled chameleon rather than a nice one. In the end its all a gamble and you could end up with either one with either one lol if that makes sense. The good things is that I think you have a pretty good chance of making them more tolerable of you over time. They may not love you and coming running out to you when you open the cage, but you should be able to get them to the point where you can at least handle them to get them out of the enclosure. I have a male veilled and he was nice when i first got him and one day he just flipped. He would no longer let me come near him without hissing, gaping, and swaying towards me like he was gonna bite me. After awhile of showing him i wasn't scared and was not gonna run when he did that. Also, continuing to hold and hand feed him along with no show of fear he eventually got back to the point where I can at least get him out of the cage without being really hissed at. Poor guy still looks terrified and uncomfortable of me when he is sitting on my hand but I find that a nice big juicy wax worm will calm him a bit ;) . Its a big debate but over all i believe you have a better chance of getting a more tolerable panther chameleon.
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