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I have done a lot of research on the Internet but iwould still like to know what experienced cham owners do to make a happy pet chameleon. what all do I need to know to be a successful chameleon owner.what supplies would be helpful too thanks forum
First off we need to know what species you are interested in. This will decide cage sizes, styles (terrarium or screened/both), temps, humidifiers etc.
Welcome to the Chameleon Forums. This is a great place to learn about chameleons. I keep veileds and have three, Luie, Camille and their daughter Elly. They are very rewarding animals and a pleasure to keep. I'm attaching my blog for you below and it gives you info on what you will need to get started with pictures and links to where you can purchase these items. It's also very important to buy your veiled from a respectable person. I would try to buy from a member here....check out the classified section. After you read over the blog ask all questions that you might have. The members here a great to help.
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do you really want to know what I think a pet chameleon need in order to be happy, regardless of what type you feel like getting?

you need 2 things:

1) stay here and become part of this community.
(examples: read threads so you can learn how to care for your new pet, share your experiances with your animal, help others with questions that you already know the asnwers to, and above all....POST LOTS OF PHOTOS OF YOUR CHAMELEON :D )

2) give him/her lots of love. because of love you may do things you may not want to do, or you may do things that your pet may not want you to do. but because of love you will do what is needed as much as you can, and that my friend will help your animal be happy in the long run.

I wish you luck,
Well, I bought my chameleon (and cage) from FLChams, you should probably buy a screen cage for him/her instead of a glass one. Glass stresses the Chameleon out by seeing thier own reflection. Also, you should buy a MistKing, so your chameleon can get some water, along with a dripper. And it never hurts to buy real plants for the chameleon too. ;)
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