Getting frustrated...Searching for Correct Materials a Flop


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I've been researching a boat load recently on making a new cage for Milton. He's a four or five month old veiled now, and I think it's almost time to put him into a better enclosure. I have him in a glass terrarium currently, but he seems like he is getting stressed out now. I am very unsure of what material is best for him, because I am getting all sorts of mixed signals from different sites. I would like to use mesh, but his toes are already getting stuck in something like that. Hardware cloth is up in the air; I don't want to do 1/2 " because it's holes are much too large, and 1/4" is hard to find coated in my area of Ohio... suggestions more than welcome! :confused:
Thank you. =]

I noticed that someone was using 1/4 " galvanized alum hardware mesh. no coating; is that not harmful to the chameleon?
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