Getting another cham on friday


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After taken nemo to the vets to be put down, i visited the shop i had bought her from and was intending to get a bearded dragon. instead, they had just got 2 male veils in 10am this morning. One is slightly bigger than the other, the smaller one was chasing the crickets at a speed i never thought possible from a cham as nemo never was so energetic AND he turned the most awsome yellow i have ever seen! he is now mine and will be picking him up on friday :D

about nemo... the guy in the shop said it is from inbreeding. and was quite rare. still, i had the chameleon bug and couldnt resist getting another!
Mikew-are you still using that Exoterra-type glass cage? I would certainly think about going to a screen cage-males see themselves in the glass and stress out. Also-you might want to think about getting some Rep-cal calcium as most everyone seems to have great luck with it. Nemo was a learning experience (as was my first Cham), and I am glad that you are not giving up. Good luck with your new guy. My male has grown at lighting speed and by 4 months I had moved him into his 24X24X48 cage.
yes, im using it still, only for a few months till he gets bigger.
as in the photo, the sides are lined with pictures i printed off in work and il be printing more off too to cover all the sides

and he will be called eric, as in bananaman. its an old cartoon from my childhood and well known in the uk. really cant wait till friday now and get pics up of my new banana cham!

coincendently, i also have a one piece waterproof suit i use to cycle to work which is bright yellow and my work mates call it the banana suit
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