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We all know how vital good supplementation is to chameleon care - we have a huge selection of calcium and multivitamins so you can choose the exact supplement that works best for your situation!

The tried and true favorite - Rep Cal Calcium with D3 $5.95

Outdoor chameleons? No problem! withOUT D3 $5.95

The long time favorite reptile multivitamin, Herptivite $9.75

There's also the ZooMed brand of plain calcium, ReptiCalcium With D3 for $3.99, or without D3 for

Make life easy with a calcium and multivitamin in one! ZooMed Reptivite is perfect for the owner with only one or two chameleons, who isn't going to need big tubs of calcium for their feeders! Only $4.99 for a 2 oz bottle!

Reptivite is ALSO available without D3 for the same price!

There's also the California based Sticky Tongue Farms Minerall, both Indoor and Outdoor formulas, full of goodies and ON SALE for just $5.59 for 6 ounces!

Try a new style of calcium bonded with strontium! Calstron for $6.49

Another new calcium mixture is the heavily researched and nutrient rich Repashy Calcium Plus, full of trace minerals and goodies! $8.99

For our extensive list of reptile calciums and multivitamins, visit our website by clicking here!

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