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We now ship Cricket & Worm orders via OVERNIGHT UPS ONLY! That's right. We ship crickets Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday! You must order them by Noon eastern time, 9am pacific time to get them shipped out the same day. If you order AFTER this time on Thursday - your order will NOT ship out until Monday. Again - ALL our cricket orders and worm orders are shipped overnight UPS, and are in the box usually less than 18 hours before you receive them. Better, healthier crickets and worms!

We have crickets in ALL sizes from pinhead all the way up to 1" adults!

500 for $26.99 ($0.05 each)
1000 for $29.99 ($0.03 each)
2000 for $44.99 ($0.02 each)
5000 for $89.99 ($0.02 each)
These prices are good for all sizes of crickets! Order by clicking here and adding the # of crickets you need to your cart!

Make sure you have gutload for your feeders - those hundreds or thousands of crickets will need something healthy and nutritious to eat before your pet eats them!
We can ship nutritious gutload with your cricket order for no additional shipping!

Have your feeders held for pickup!

Do you live in a cold, or hot area (below 55 or above 85 during the day)? If so, you can request that your feeders be held at your local UPS Customer Counter for pickup. You must call 1-800-PICK-UPS to find out if you have a UPS center near you (this is not an authorized drop off location, it must be an actual UPS center for this option. Get that address and use that as your shipping address) They will usually call you when your box arrives, but be aware of when it is supposed to arrive please. This is much safer during extreme cold or hot weather. To choose this option, type "hold at UPS for pick-up" in the "comments" box when you are checking out. Thank you.

Check out ALL of our available animals, feeders, and supplies by visiting our website at!

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