Gertrude is in the Holiday Spirit!

AHHH I am totally in love with that plate!!! Do you know where it is from?

Thanks guys!

It was a Christmas gift this year. My friend said she got it from a local little store in the mall.

I totally want to go back and get the whole set! Also, she said there are zebrafish ones too, and I want some of those because that is the model organism I work on at school.
Thanks, I ordered 2 of those plates for my vet and his wife. Sure beat the gift certificate I have in the mail. I really want to go get one for me!!! But it is Christmas and I am broke.:(
Laurie PM me your address if you really want one. :D
Now you're making me feel bad. :( I'll see what I can do? I'm sending out postcards..

aww Syn, its ok, i was only teasing:D, you dont need to do that:p,

why not just send x-mas cards via email:) charge:p
In reply to everyone being broke for Christmas: Chams tend to do that to us!! :D I love the plate, and Gertrude looks like she's enjoying Christmas... just don't let her near the eggnog! *Picture of tipsy chameleon pops into my mind...*
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