General poop questions.


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Nothing wrong here, just had a few questions on poo. I've tried to search and the only things I find are horrible pictures throughout the entire Health section on things that can go wrong with your little cham. Now I'm making myself paranoid. :eek:

I have a three month old panther.

How often do they poop?

Should I look regularly?

How much should it be? He eats around 4-5 baby dubias a day.

Is there always urate with it or is it separate? Or both?

Once again, nothing wrong. Just curious.


i check my chams poop daily,but thats me..there should be urate with it unless it hits something on the way down and seperates...


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It's easy to get paranoid. The poo should be dark and formed and the urates white and formed. Any yellow or orange and you need to encourage more water. At three months he should be eating more than 4-5 dubais. Let him eat as much as he wants and try to vary his diet. Introduce crickets and butter, silk worms. Poop is relative to how much he eats and how often. My two year old panther sometimes doesn't poop for several weeks. The last time that happened it weighed 10g and the urates were orangey yellow because they had been inside him for so long.:D if you are worried you could collect a sample and get it tested for parasites. If there is nothing to be concerned about, relax and enjoy your little one.:)
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