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where would i be able to buy a madagascar giant day gecko (p. grandis). i cant find them any where! except for reptile depot, $100!, i dont have that money
(or a job, or a workers permit for that matter!:p )
reptiles have a lot of needs...proper vet should consider all those extras before you decide to buy any animal. You want to be prepared to take proper care of this living creature.
i already have a 55 gallon aquarium and all the goodies (leftovers from old herps) and trust me i've done enough research 6 days worth!:D
actually there's an expo going on in portlan on the 27th so i might wait until then.
$100 is expensive for a giant day gecko. If you go to a retail location, then you'll pay a lot. Go with a breeder, either at an expo or through the internet, and you should be able to get a nice, CB day gecko for around $50 plus shipping.

I've sold P.standingi here and there for between $50-$75, depending on age. Adults will be expensive, so you'll save money by buying a young animal.
Phelsuma are probably the "best" display lizards to get for low-maintninence keeping. they are extremely easy to keep, provided you give them good supplementation, hydration and temps.

We've had our breeder female standingi for 13+ years, and she was aquired as a full grown WC adult. I've spoken to people that have had their animals for over 20 years. For that matter, I've spoken to people that have had WC klemmeri for over 15 years - and klemmeri are about the size of a hatchling giant day!

Read up on them, make sure you've got good calcium supplementation,a nd you'll have no problems.
i found a site on kingsnake that sells them a little cheaper
they do have a pretty nice range of phelsuma. they also sell gutload, hide boxes etc. all of their geckos are said to be CB (it's in their mission statement) they have 06' hatchlings but the site doesn't specify which month they were born in. i'll e-mail in
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