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@SmithSe I'll try to get some more pictures and a weight for Thor this weekend to see where he's at. He did have another shed a couple weeks after his last which was a good sign but his appetite has slowed down a bit the last week or two so I'm not sure if his still growing at the same rate as his last spurt...

@alligatorboym360 Your girl looks great! I love her colors and she seems way more chill crawling around on you than Thor does on me lol.
I spoke with someone today that said a female from this clutch had laid an infertile clutch. That was very surprising considering that female was supposed to be around 16 months old currently. I’ve never heard of a Parson’s doing this this young.


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I was also shocked when I heard about this, I couldn't believe it! This is the female in question, she hatched between May-June of 2017, and I first heard about her dropping eggs this July.
I think in this photo she's about a year old, taken June of this year. This female was only about 13 months old when I heard about the first egg :0
The earliest I've personally had females lay is at about 2.5 years. Most don't lay at all unless interacting with males, at least for me.
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@NorCalAnthony @shawn_melanson @Bammer @alligatorboym360 Been a hot second since this thread has had an update! How are all your parsonii doing from Garrett's '17 clutch? Boris had a pretty slow growing period this winter and is just now getting back into form. He's about 250 grams right now, and I'm hoping he reaches 400 by the time fall rolls around!
Wow my YL is under 200, born I think april '17. I've brumated him both winters though. Going to bring him out within a month or so, hasn't eaten all winter. All of your OE's are beautiful!

Sorry, I know this is a thread for Garrett's. Just like to see the comparisons between locales.
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@jamest0o0 Haha no need for an apology! I think it's super interesting to make growth comparisons between the parsonii locales, especially since ours are so close in age but have different rearing strategies! I know my guy was brumated last year before I received him, but I elected not to brumate him this year, which has had a relatively significant impact on his weight. Had I brumated him, he would have gone in at about 170 grams, so 30 less than your guy. He's only gained 10-12ish grams the last few months up until I placed him in his new enclosure, then put on 40! I've got a good feeling it's going to be a good growin' year for our parson's!


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For sure I'm looking forward to following along, seeing how they all progress. I honestly just brumated this year and last out of convenience. The room he's in gets perfect brumation temps from october-april (50 nights 60 day). Seems like around 2 years they really take off in size. I remember last year when my guy came out he was eating handfuls of bees outside(chased them down...) along with anything I hand fed him. Looking forward to this spring for sure. I need to get on building his new enclosure!
@jamest0o0 That IS super convenient! Perfect brumation temps and all that cheddar you saved on parsonii food. What's not to like? Haha. Good grief, he was munching on bees? That's gnarly! I wonder if they don't react to stings or their bite force is just so strong they obliterate the bee before it has a chance to retaliate. I'm retrofitting a bird aviary into an outdoor parsonii enclosure, but I too have got to build a large enclosure for indoor use. I'm thinking 6'x3'x6' and have zero carpentry abilities so this should be interesting, lol. Do you have a ballpark size you're shooting for?


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@SmithSe I was worried about the bees at first, but he must have known they had stingers. He caught countless over the months, and every single time he crunched them to pieces within a second. Way too fast for them to react at all.

I was thinking of doing the bird aviary as well for the outdoor enclosure. I ended up badly putting together a PVC frame with metal screen for his outdoor enclosure. The indoor enclosure is still up in the air... We're moving out more into the country, and we'll have a sunporch at our place, so I may try to insulate that a bit and keep him in there for the winter and outside for the summer. Hoping to do something at least 6x3x6. Really want to have a huge display similar to extensionofgreen's set up one day, but I will need to wait until we do some remodeling first or my wife might bury me in the woods.
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