Gargoyle Geckos :)

Although I dont keep gargs, I do keep cresties and I would think they are similar in care and temperament. Two males are generally a no go with most things, whereas one male to 2 or 3 females or a pair or trio of females usualy get along better. But, there are no guarantees that everyone will always get aon. I kept my cresties together for about 6 weeks to breed them, and ended up splitting them up to give the female some space to lay without the mae around. When I tried to put him back in with her she was having none of it so I keep them in their own vivs now.
Okay, I got the tank... Just the greedy part of me wants two lol thanks, I did some research as well and I'm just going to get the one
Haha. I'm as well cham obsessed. But right now we have 4 cats, a red tail boa, veiled and a bunch of fish lol... The tank is being all set up then I just got to wait for him to be ordered by the local pet store :) !!! Trust me you'll see his face all over the recent posts when I finally get him :).. I also have 3 chameleon cages just laying around so I'm going to spruce them up and get ready to bring in a few more .. Pascal has his own room right now with just fish so I mine as well add some life in there
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