Gargoyle Gecko Question


I keep real plants in a glass terrarium with 3-4" soil ( 1/3 organic soil, 1/3 moss, 1/3 coconut fiber) . I water really well 2 times a week and turn the soil so that it is moist be not wet. I mist daily - sometimes twice a day.

If you do thisyouwillalso create bio active soil so you won't have to change soil that often. I clean poop on the glass, but haven't needed to change one of my cages for months- no smell.

Mistake I see too many gargoyle owner make is keeping it to wet in the cage. It needs to be humid a lot. But if they don't have a chance to dry out some, they have poor sheds.

Keeping the soil moist a no deep will allow them to bury themselves.

Hope that helps


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Okay, I've turned the soil a few times but it never fully drys out, I hear they don't really drink from dishes ? I must 4 times a day but his cage is just damp not soaked, should I let the soil dry ?
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