Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zombiepixel, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. zombiepixel

    zombiepixel New Member

    I've never seen this before.

    Trogdor is sitting under his basking lamp with his mouth open. Is he just enjoying some warmth?
  2. dmaizer

    dmaizer Avid Member

    it means your temps are too high. what are the cage temps??? what lights are you using????
  3. zombiepixel

    zombiepixel New Member

    I'm using a zoo med daylight glow 60w. The temps are in the 80's right now. but he was sitting right under it. He has a bunch of different zones he can go to to cool down if he wants.

    That was just wierd, i've never seen that before from him.
  4. cslinca

    cslinca New Member

    Im wondering the same thing, if its too hot why dont they move to a cooler spot. My guy did the same thing under his basking light and there are many other spots for him to go. I just lowered the stick he was on a bit.
  5. LVmama

    LVmama New Member

    How odd, mine will do it first thing in the morning before it even heats way up. I usually just give him a drink when he does that.
  6. CleaTheChameleon

    CleaTheChameleon New Member

    Well maybe he still wants to bask but not be that hot. I learned this awhile ago when my female veiled was gapping under her light and thats when i came to this forums. Its something you can change very quickly. Lower your temperature thats all.
  7. bkelley02

    bkelley02 New Member

    Mine is now doing that too but only since I switched from a 50 watt basking lamp to a 25 watt. I lowered the branch she can bask on and the ambient temp is about 86 now. Still does it but not all the time. Could there be another cause or reason other then her being too warm?
  8. justjumpit621

    justjumpit621 New Member

    Does she rasp when she breaths at all? Any wheezy sounds or sneezes? The other explanation could be an Upper respiratory infection.
  9. bkelley02

    bkelley02 New Member

    No, just sits there breathing normally. No sneezing, wheezy or any type of discharge. Looking at her now, she's just laying there working on her color. ;)
  10. pssh

    pssh New Member

    Ambient is 86? What species is she? That sounds realllly warm for an ambient temp, and maybe even deadly to certain species...
  11. bkelley02

    bkelley02 New Member

    Panther. Depending on where I put the probe, it reads between 81-86 in the basking area only. Rest of the cage goes down to 73. She's been fine today with no gaping at all in the basking spot.
  12. bkelley02

    bkelley02 New Member

    Shedding. This is the first time she's shed in my possession ( only had her a week ) but could this be a precursor to her beginning her shed? She's shedding right now and as I said, hasn't been doing it at all today. She was doing some yawning last night as well. Is this part, or do you think this could be part of her trying to loosen and break the old skin loose? She eats, poops, and drinks fine and patrols her cage fine. :)

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