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I searched for threads before this one, but I found one from 2007, and didn't want to bump that one.

Situation: I came in to see my chameleon with her mouth gaping. There was no one/nothing else in the room to pose a threat, so (I'm assuming) it wasn't a threat determent.

I've read maybe the basking light/temp could be too hot. Any ways to adjust the basking light temperature? I've never seen this action from her before. I'm hoping it's temp related and not an URI...

She's almost 2 months old, give or take since I haven't had her since birth, so she's still a tiny little thing.

Thanks for any help. Sorry if this is a repetitive thread.


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What is the basking temp at now?

And if you need to make it cooler, simply raise the light bulb up off the cage some.


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Gaping is their way of regulating body temp. If you notice excess saliva in her mouth or hear popping noises and she seems lethargic and just not herself, those are usually signs of a URI.
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