Galvanized wire


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I am making plans now to build an outdoor enclosure as soon as spring arrives. I was thinking of using 1/4" galvanized diamond mesh instead of standard aluminum screening. I feel this will allow more sun in and still keep larger crickets in the enclosure. Will the galvanized mesh be harmful to my chameleon?
I've read that galvanized utensils should not be used because they are toxic. I would stay on the safe side and not use it. Galvanized screen leaves a white colored residue and I would be afraid that the chameleons would drink water with this powdery lookig stuff in it. I know it allows more natural sunlight, but I wouldn't risk it.
I kind of thought that, just needed confirmation. I can also get it non galvanized but it will rust up. I doubt that couldn't be too good with a stick tongue hitting it. I think I am just going to use 1/2" plastic coated mesh.
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