fun in the sun?? that wasnt what i had in mind but uuhh ok!

I took iggy pop my iguana and Charlie wonka "my male" and tootsie roll " my female " outside for alittle fun in the sun and it looks like they had some plans of there own... they usually stay on the branches I put them on and soak up some sun.. they might move around alittle bit but not much...I go outside to see what the dog next door is barking at and theres iggy pop walking across the driveway I get him and put him in his cage and go look for my chams...I see Charlie immediately and that s usual because he stands out ... but I could fin tootsie roll anywhere and just when I thought oh **** im in trouble I look and Charlie and that dirty scoundrel is GETTING IT IN. lol I guess tootsie had her mind made up because Charlie didn't move she came to him and seemed might happy about what was going on...hurray im going to have some little ones woot woot!!:D
thanks buddy it was cool it happened that way!! very surprising . she is about 9-10 months alittle early and i thought she wasn't even thinking about it yet....well i was wrong..but she looked comfy and cozy not crushed a and she was the aggressor for sure....dirty hoe..LMFAO
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