Full room Automated Dripper, Misting, and Drainage.


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Evening All,

I thought i would take this chance to share with everyone how I am revamping my Cham room due to the additional animals I have, and continue to, accumulate. Rather than treat each cage individually, I am going to set the room up for these needs so I can add and remove cages and then easily move the cages in and out of the room. Thanks to Reptoman and SMCNARY for the ideas.

To start, I ran a drip system along the top of the room all the way around. From there I T off this line to each cage, here are some examples.

I also added mist king nozzles to the cage that will like wise be run off a line that runs the circumference of the room.

Between the main line and each cage, each line has a ball valve attached so I can 'turn off' each cage for any need.

Here is the look inside top of some new cages I set up today.

I will update tomorrow some further pics of the Mist system T'd off as well as a drainage system that runs the circumference of the room and then outside.

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