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So I have taken a back seat with the forum for a while due to various reasons, but still lurking occasionally.

As the time has gone by I have been getting more and more frustrated, not by this forum at all. But the mentality I’m seeing elsewhere, of almost Us vs them.

On here nobody is crucified for doing things slightly differently. Main example is the variety of supplement schedules you see here.
In the UK there is one main place that everyone refers to. If you waver slightly from the script they have, you are almost vilified. God forbid you use reptivite with d3 as there is too much d3 in that and doesn’t fit into the schedule.

The thing that REALLY got me, was people quoting threads from here or using the chameleon academy care sheets. Everything immediately got shot down as ‘that’s for Americans not us as they have a different climate’.
At no point anywhere have I seen info stated as only being used in a certain climate. The info given here and chameleon academy are parameters for inside the viv. Yes I understand that the outside environment will alter things slightly especially when it comes to humidity or temperatures. I don’t get why people get shot down with the different climate argument as surely people see on tv that Arizona doesn’t have the same climate as Michigan!

It breaks my heart the amount of obese chameleons I see pictures of because people get told that the chameleon will tell you when they don’t want to eat everyday and want to have a reduced feeding schedule. I have read about 3 year old Yemen’s still being fed everyday because they haven’t slowed down and told their owner to feed less. Nobody seems to bother that the girls are producing clutches of over 30 every cycle. It really annoys me and breaks my heart and I can’t say anything because it won’t get approved.

I just wish more people in the uk could find this forum where things can be discussed and also be backed up with decades of experience and scientific articles instead of being forced to follow things that have no backing.

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Please don't take my laughter as disrespectful at all—it is not.

What strikes me funny is that my Missus—in her research of tortoises—is finding almost the exact opposite situation. She finds the US tortoise forum super-rigid, while the UK forum more flexible, so she has been spending more time there than here.

You are so very correct about the innumerable climate differences here—even within short distances. That anyone should cite that as a reason for care differences is also laughable.

America, being the vast, expansive landscape that it is, does not always conform to the sunny, beachfront image that many Brits have in their heads.
Of all the regions in the United States, the Pacific Northwest is the one whose climate is perhaps most commonly compared to that of the U.K. Not only are its winter temperatures fairly similar but, on a list of U.S. cities with more than 180 days of solid overcast per year, Seattle and Portland ranked first and second, with 226 and 222 days respectively. These figures are roughly in line with the average annual cloud cover in the United Kingdom.

Also, like the U.K., Portland doesn’t see an inordinate amount of snow (with the 2008/09 winter a notable recent exception).
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