Fruits and Veggies?

Enzo Veiled

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Enzo has his staple diet of gut loaded crickets and has treats such as meal worms and Calciworms.
What else can I feed him? Can I feed him carrots or strawberries?
Please let me know what because I'd love to give him more variety of foods! :)
They will eat greens. My guy will every now and then eat a bite or two off of his plant. Otherwise you can feed them Dubai roaches, horned worms, silk worms, mantis. Horned worms and silk worms are great feeders!
i HAD star jasmin flowers growing all over a nice sized plant soon as it entered the cage she ate them..i was a bit upset too, they smelled really good and she destroyed them lol didnt even see anything else i fed her for 2 days..then she ate the buds off the hibiscus...go figure lol but shes a big plant eater...way more than the male i have yet to see him do more than an occasional bite her and there ive read that most fruits are ok as well but never tried giving her any
My veiled used to eat little bites of strawberry, watermelon and cantaloupe. He was especially fond of the color red. :)
I just trained mr pink to eat small (cricket sized) pieces of strawberries right out of my fingers :D I did this because I noticed he was eating his schefflera. From what I hear, not all veileds like vegetation, but some eat it all the time.
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