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Just wondering which type of FFF would be better for Veiled Chams that have just hatched? My first clutch should be hatching soon.

The two types are D. Melanogaster and D. Hydei, 1/16" and 1/8" respectively.

Any suggestions?
Go with the hydei. Melanogaster are so small you have to feed a half a million to fill up a clutch. They take a little longer to culture than melanogaster but it's worth the wait.
I start with the mels. for the first cpl of weeks. Then after they've shown signs of growth I switch to the hydei. Check out josh's frogs. They have a good deal going where you can buy a 4 pk of cultures and mix and match what you want. So you could get 2 of each or buy 2 4pks and get 4 of each kind. His ff cultures are already producing when you receive them and they literally produce 1000's of ff's in each culture. Best ff cultures Ive ever got. One tip though get some mite spray and spray a few paper towels and put those under your cultures. On the shelf you use. It will keep mites out of your cultures.
Will do.

In order to grow my own cultures, after receiving whichever I order, I just have to get the food and the straw thing, right? in any deli cup? And final question, about how long does it take for a culture to start producing after I introduce the FF from other cultures?
At least 3-4 weeks for them to really start producing. And yes you can just use any old deli cups you have. But make sure you have ventialtion holes and some type of breathable gauze to cover the holes you made. So all the flies dont escape. That really is why I buy the pre made cultures. Its kind of a pita to get all the stuff to make your own. I got enough stuff already for the chams and pre-made just make it easier for me.
How many babies do you think one culture can feed? in other words, if I have around 50 eggs hatching, how many cultures would you recommend me getting?
I would say your gonna need around 10 cultures going. That should be plenty esp if you alternate and feed pinheads every other day. Thats what I do/did. So it gives your cultures a chance to recover a bit between feeding sessions.

If you want to add a little more variety buy about 4-5 mantis ooth cases also. Put each one in a jar or deli cup with ventilation and let those hatch out. You can feed those directly to your babies and they are relished by baby chams. They will eat a whole ooth case in one feeding session if youve got 50 babies. Look under classifieds/chameleon food section. Kara/Pssh is selling ooth cases for like 3-4.00 bux a piece.
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