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Would it be possible to put a frog in the viv with a veiled cham, the viv is 4 feet high and wide and there's one cham in there. I was just wondering if anyone has done this before
Yes they will, just as quickly as they would a small bird, cricket, roach, etc. If it looks like food then it is food to them.
I'm intrigued. Would they use their tongue like they were catching a cricket?

isnt that the only way a chameleon knows how 2 catch it's prey..?? so my guess would be yes.....but, i'm wondering if the frogs skin textur and moisture levels are suitable for a chams tongue to latch on to.....:confused:
their tongue would not work since it is a wet surface. my cham's get slugs from time to time and they can't shoot them so they have gotten used to just biting them off a branch.
Never say never.
I have had a Fire bellied Toad living in the same enclosure as my Veiled Chameleon since I had my Chameleon. Over a year now and absolutely no problems.
Likely my unique enclosure is what has allowed the toad and chameleon to live in relative harmony together for so long.

Really just depends on the veiled. An aggressive one would not allow the presence of one in it's territory regardless of whether it considered it a food source or not. A veiled chameleon would have no problem breaking the bones of a frog with a bite. I am suprised that your veiled is not stressed by the frog's presence. Not saying it is not possible but just odd.
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