Fritz got his first superworm today!


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Today I gave my little man his first superworm. At first he wanted nothing to do with it until it started to climb the screen, and then it was love. He dropped from his celing to his tree, watched it for about 30 seconds and then grabbed it up. I think he wasn't sur what to do with it at first, he held it for a long time befor he started to eat it. A few hours later I gave him another and he grabbed it even quicker and only held it for a moment befor he started chomping. Here are some picture of him with the first worm.

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Fritz looks really cute! How old is he? He looks small for such a big superworm. Try getting him some small ones.


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He is small, just 4 months, 8 days. We don't seem to have a great supply of feeders in my area. the first place I went too had the worms but half of them were broken up in there container's, when I asked they said they had been there for 2 weeks. the next place was out, the one after that I didn't even open the box because you could smell them, and the last place I tried had 1 box left from that days shipment... He wont get them all we have a tarantula who will eat them up.


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I remember my chameleons first superworm. I think he literally started dancing while he ate it he was so excited. Now he's hooked on em like they're a drug. I have to borderline starve him to get him to eat anything else!
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