Fresh imports K. multituberculata

Mike Fisher

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A few pics of some fresh imports from Ryan at Reptile Outpost. I got a trio. They were a bit thirsty when they got here, but starting to fill out. The male is pretty stocky, looks like he got in a lot of fights because he's covered in bite marks. Not the best photos, they are very shy. The female has a bit of a saggy belly, but she's starting to tighten up a bit since this photo was taken. The smallest one is suspected to be female, but we'll see.

Lately I've been able to get them outdoors for some free range insects.

Seeco has given me a lot of expert advice on this species, even though I didn't get them from him. Definitely the most active species that I have ever worked with, also very shy, but that is usually the case for fresh WC.

I'll try to get some outdoor photos soon, the ones I've taken so far have come out blurry.


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Wow, those look nice and healthy! Nice pick up :)

Thanks! I got real lucky on these guys. They are looking better every day. I can't wait until they get a few sheds under their belts and the battle scars fully healed. This is a new species for me, so learning lots. I've kept quite a few different montaine species, the Fischers are quite different in their behavior. Very active and shy. I'm pretty good at spotting most chams in dense foliage, but these guys hide really well when they are not basking or running around.
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