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Good evening,
My male yemen has been doing the weirdest thing... He's fully launched his tongue at my finger the other day I'd had a silkworm there about 30 seconds before which he got but then I was fiddling with his temp probe and he shot me from 6-8 inches away and I had nothing there never jumped so much in my life.

Anyway he did it to my girlfriend today from inside his tank as she move her hand near his viv. Course she had a right fit.

Has this happened to anyone before?
LOL! my chams have flicked at refections in my eyeglasses, mole on my neck,
little scab on my arm, a freckle, and just plain "ghost bugs" only they can see!! :eek:
my cham did that to my mom once, and i dont know what it is about the new camera but she just loves to shoot her tounge out at the flasher. i dont really care because it gives me the coolest pictures. ill try and post a few.
My girl tries to eat my and my bf's finger squite regularly. Usually if we're offering her greens and she thinks the fingers are a nice juicy worm or something :)
I wouldn't worry about it, chameleons sometimes do this to "test" out things. My chameleon was once sitting on my chest and shot his tongue out at my chin! hahaha. He's also done it several times to my bf's phone and once at a teddy bear...

If he makes a habbit of it, try ensure your hands don't have any chemical residue on them when going into his cage, such as soap etc. It will more than likely just be a phase though :)
It's quite sweet but it happens that fast it scares the crap out of me and its surprising the force/speed behind his tongue
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