Free ranging dubia's


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Is it possible? My boy seems to only eat a dubia if he finds one walking across the screen. Do dubia ever wander around or do they find a spot and stay there until they die? I have a ton of well fed dubia's that I'd love to feed off but container feeding doesn't work. Chameleons are annoying.


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I have feeder runs but the roaches just hide in the edges indefinitely. I tried substrate in a dubia container and that was a huge mistake. They burrowed and it took weeks to find them and move most of them over. I wouldnt do it, personally... but hopefully someone else has a good solution.


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Yeah, thought about one of those. I was actually looking to make one last weekend but couldnt find a good container. I think thats my only option. Thanks
Go to the dollar store and buy one there. That way you don’t feel bad cutting it up


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Mine get the dubia in the Shooting Gallery but it depends on the chameleon which bug they eat first. I like that they see them back lit and it seems to make them look less like rocks.
To start mine on dubia, I place dubia upside down in a clear plastic spoon. Their little legs waving will get the chams attention once they have had a few it's not a problem. Most CB chams have been raised on flys and crickets it takes time to accept something new.


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This is what I use to feed dubia to my Parsonii.
Notice how there aren't any roaches in the bin...:ROFLMAO:
feeder bin.jpg


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My cham used to smoke 15-20 dubia's a day out of his feeder, once I introduced him to superworms that came to an end. I think I'm going to make one of those containers where you cut out the bottom and then pin it to the screen with thumbtacks. I'll let them live in there and see if my boy starts picking them off.

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I know this thread is about feeding dubias (roaches) I'd just like to say your parsonii looks very happy!! You must treat him very well
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